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The Future of Electronic Data

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Analytical Science

Analytical Science

Animal Science

Animal Science





Health Science

Health Science









100% Advantage

eStudy Accommodates All Scientific and Non-Scientific Applications and Disciplines Including:
Analytical - Animal Science - Pharmaceutical - Biology - Health - Logistics - Social - Environment - Ecology 

100% Secure

  • Data are secure

  • All communication and transfer of data is encrypted and secure

  • Your data are protected on secured servers

100% Web-Based

  • Globally Accessible cloud based service

  • Accessible via: internet browser, iPad, Windows mobile device

  • Data is stored in an Oracle database

100% GxP Compliant

  • eStudy is Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

  • Validated system

  • System administrators delineate user permissions for every part of the system

  • Audit trail of all captured data that provides signed electronic records with the users' name, date and time of signing ensures data integrity

  • Passwords required for access and to approve any type of data capture

100% Flexible to Your Needs

  • eStudy Manages the Entire Study from Protocol through Reports for Multiple Study Types

  • eStudy is Adaptable to Your Workflows and Your Study Goals

  • Users Define and Control Study Design, Data Collection Template Design, Notebook Design, Report Template and Report Table Design

  • 100% Web-based solution for use in on-line and off-line modes

  • eStudy has an Open Architecture for Simplified Customer-Specific Customizations and Interface to 3rd Party Tools

Piles of Paper

Set yourself free!

Too many late nights drowning in paperwork?

With eStudy, you are set free:

  •  From cumbersome tasks with paper data and disparate islands of automation data.

  •  To the efficiency of electronic data capture, management, compilation, and reporting.

Additionally, with eStudy's unique design:

  •  Users are free of continuous need of assistance from IT.

  •  IT is free of users' demands for continuous minor modifications.

eStudy Workflow

Design Studies/Experiments/Trials

Protocol Adherence

  • Design studies from protocol through report

  •  Define and manage treatment variables and test systems

  •  Manage and assign study personnel (users)

  •  Define treatment, sampling, and observation events

  •  Design data collection templates, eNotebooks, and report templates

enotebook 1.png

Create Electronic Notebooks for each Study/Experiment/Trial

Both online and offline use

  • Define how data is captured and recorded in an eNotebook.

  •  Create one notebook and clone it it for multiple experiments.

  •  Distribute notebooks to investigators with ease.

Design Report Templates

Reporting Made Easy

  • Report templates created to meet the requirements of the EPA, FDA, OECD.

  •  Reports generated at any point in your study.

  •  eStudy has the capability to incorporate data from outside sources into your report.

  •  A report can include entire projects or selected studies/experiments/trials

  •  Report templates may contain images, tables and text.


Frequently Asked Questions

With our years of experience and knowledge, we know many of your questions

eStudy Supports Your Business Process

Cloud Based

Being cloud based on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, eStudy fully enables digital transformation. Cloud computing enables our customers to keep their data available to all stakeholders.  Additionally, the cloud offers businesses the flexibility to add network bandwidth and extra space needed with minimal effort or downtime. Also included is collaboration to integrate data that is often held in silos, ensuring the data is not only secure, but also compliant. Finally, with the cloud, clients have the confidence that the software systems are always current and operational.


iAdvantage Software, Inc.’s cloud-based eStudy is a proven platform used by several Fortune 100 companies. eStudy captures, compiles, and reports data for scientific experiments/trials/studies. However, eStudy is designed with the flexibility that companies are able to use this  for non-scientific purposes as well.


eStudy is unique in its ability to simultaneously collect and compile data from a myriad of locations and make the data immediately accessible to stakeholders to:

  • View

  • Export to your analysis program(s)

  • Report in any format, including in-process status reports

iAdvantage Software Inc.'s eStudy platform is unmatched in creating value for all stakeholders

Digital Work Life

About Us

iAdvantage is a Collaborative, Diverse and Efficient Software Development Team

"Creating Value Through Vision and Commitment"

  • Our eStudy software was created at the beginning of the new millennium to address a desperate need to complete and report regulatory chemical and biological studies in a timely manner. Study directors were engulfed in manual paper processes and tedious report-writing. It was evident that electronic study management tools that would allow flexibility in designing studies and capturing data would vastly improve efficiency.

  • Our software solution to this problem, eStudy, saves time in data management and report generation while reducing management costs and opportunity for error. iAdvantage and eStudy were born out of our recognition of an industry-wide need for such an effective solution.

​iAdvantage supports you as you tailor eStudy to meet your specific needs from design through reporting.


User Feedback

"Our paper systems were too inconsistent and unsecured. eStudy is always dependable and uniform.​"

Tim Boeker
Alvey Labs

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