The Future of Electronic Study Management



Too many late nights drowning in paperwork?


With eStudy, you are set free:

  • From cumbersome tasks with paper data and disparate islands of automation data
  • To the efficiency of electronic data capture, management, compilation, and reporting


Additionally, with eStudy's unique design:

  • Users are free of continuous need of assistance from IT
  • IT is free of users' demands for continuous minor modifications.

With eStudy, Users (Scientist and Investigators):


Design Studies

  • Design studies from protocol through report
  • Define and manage treatment variables and test systems
  • Manage and assign study personnel (users)
  • Define treatment, sampling, and observation events
  • Design data collection templates, eNotebooks, and report templates

Create Electronic Notebooks for Each Experiment

  • Define how data is captured and recorded in an eNotebook
  • Create one notebook and clone it it for multiple experiments
  • Distribute notebooks to investigators with ease

Design Report Templates

  • Reports templates created to meet the requirements of the EPA, FDA, OECD
  • Reports generated at any point in your study
  • eStudy has the capability to incorporate data from outside sources into your report
  • A report can include entire projects, selected studies and/or specific experiments
  • Report templates may contain images, tables and text

They Say...

While I was the avian laboratory manager at Smithers Viscient, LLC, my team was able to use eStudy® to prepare customized data entry forms, various calculation forms, and data verification forms, eliminating the “busy work” of data entry and repetitious form preparation.

Jennifer Stafford
Compliance Services International

"We realized that we could operate more efficiently by investing in technology. We strongly believe the invested capital and time will add value to our customers. With eStudy, reports that previously required 6-8 weeks to generate can now be delivered in as little as 6-8 hours after study completion."

Susan Shepherd
Director of Ecotoxicology
Springborn Smithers Laboratories

ePublisher® allowed us to prepare client-specific study report templates. These efficiencies allowed staff to focus on the challenging aspects of animal care and data collection. The ability to report 9 months’ worth of daily measurements into one Excel-like spreadsheet, then prepare a graph, table, or pivot chart in literally one minute is an amazing efficiency that positively impacts all aspects of research.

Jennifer Stafford
Compliance Services International

"Thanks for your tech service help. I'm impressed. I'm used to getting people on the line who have no idea what they're talking about, so they put me on hold forever and I figure it out myself and hang up. What a refreshing change!"

Ryan Flanders
Crow River Research

We were able to integrate various wireless technologies and instrument interfaces with eStudy such that instrument readings could be directly entered into data forms with the click of one button, substantially reducing the potential for human entry error.

Jennifer Stafford
Compliance Services International

"Our paper systems were too inconsistent and unsecured. eStudy is always dependable and uniform."

Tim Boeker
Alvey Labs

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