The Future of Electronic Study Management



Too many late nights drowning in paperwork?


With eStudy, you are set free:

  • From cumbersome tasks with paper data and disparate islands of automation data
  • To the efficiency of electronic data capture, management, compilation, and reporting


Additionally, with eStudy's unique design:

  • Users are free of continuous need of assistance from IT
  • IT is free of users' demands for continuous minor modifications.

With eStudy, Users (Scientist and Investigators):


Design Studies

  • Design studies from protocol through report
  • Define and manage treatment variables and test systems
  • Manage and assign study personnel (users)
  • Define treatment, sampling, and observation events
  • Design data collection templates, eNotebooks, and report templates

Create Electronic Notebooks for Each Experiment

  • Define how data is captured and recorded in an eNotebook
  • Create one notebook and clone it it for multiple experiments
  • Distribute notebooks to investigators with ease

Design Report Templates

  • Report templates created to meet the requirements of the EPA, FDA, OECD
  • Reports generated at any point in your study
  • eStudy has the capability to incorporate data from outside sources into your report
  • A report can include entire projects, selected studies and/or specific experiments
  • Report templates may contain images, tables and text

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