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Our eStudy software was created at the beginning of the new millennium to address a desperate need to complete and report regulatory chemical and biological studies in a timely manner. Study directors were engulfed in manual paper processes and tedious report-writing. It was evident that electronic study management tools that would allow flexibility in designing studies and capturing data would vastly improve efficiency.

Our software solution to this problem, eStudy, saves time in data management and report generation while reducing management costs and opportunity for error.

iAdvantage and eStudy were born out of our recognition of an industry-wide need for such an effective solution.



Lafayette (Fate) Thompson, PhD

CEO, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Thompson founded AASI, the parent of iAdvantage Software, Inc. in 1982 following a distinguished career in both academia at the University of Kentucky and North Carolina State University, and in the commercial world with CIBA-Geigy (now Syngenta). Dr. Thompson possesses a unique understanding of the researcher's needs. A decisive, results-oriented, bottom-line leader, Dr. Thompson provides the passionate entrepreneurial drive behind iAdvantage Software, which he founded in 1999.

Dr. Thompson received his undergraduate degree from N.C. State University and his Ph.D. from University of Illinois.

About Us Carla

Carla Wells

Director of Software Development

Carla has been with iAdvantage from its launch in 1999 and has detailed knowledge of every facet of eStudy and the development process. With more than 30 years of IT experience spanning multiple industries, she works tirelessly to accommodate the software needs of our many clients. Carla is well versed in hardware and software development and maintenance.  She has more than 20 years of experience in EPA GLP and computer validation requirements for systems used in GLP data management and reporting.


Rich Patterson, PhD, RQAP-GLP

Adviser and Senior Consultant

Dr. Richard Patterson has extensive and wide-ranging experience in Research and Development of agricultural chemical and biotechnology products.  Dr. Patterson established RJ Patterson and Associates to provide quality assurance and regulatory compliance consulting for diverse disciplines required for technology development, management, and transfer in agriculture and biotechnology.  His client base has included numerous large companies plus smaller companies including start-ups.  He is an expert and long-time leader in GLP quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Previously, Dr. Patterson led the initiation and establishment of CIBA-GEIGY Corporation’s Biotechnology Research Unit in Research Triangle Park, NC USA. Then, as the first President of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Dr. Patterson laid the foundation for the Center to become a vital catalyst for biotechnology research and business.

Dr. Patterson received his PhD in Plant Physiology from University of California at Davis followed by post-doctoral research at Cornell University.

About Us Kevin

Kevin Kelley, PhD

Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Kelley has been involved in agricultural research and development to support the agricultural industry for 20+ years. Projects have included crop residue and environmental fate under GLP guidelines, field efficacy of products for weed, insect and disease control, as well as USDA-APHIS regulated GMO crop research.  Dr. Kelley’s experience includes postdoctoral research for the USDA-ARS potato breeding program and field research for AgraServ, Inc.

Kevin earned his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.

About Us Kelly

Kelly Chapman

Business Development Manager

Kelly is a life-long member of the agricultural community. Her diverse agricultural involvement includes row crops, specialty crops, horticulture, livestock, and business management.   She has been privileged to work in weed science, traditional plant breeding, DNA/protein/transgenic organisms, plant pathology, and basic agronomic practices. Her career has involved R&D support roles for Dow, DuPont, F.W. Rickard Seed Company, Bayer CropScience, iAdvantage Software, and American Agricultural Services.

Kelly holds a Masters’ degree in Crops Science (Plant Breeding & Genetics) from North Carolina State University.

About Us Zeke

Zeke Naulty

Lead Developer

Zeke Naulty is a Lead Developer/Architect responsible for the success of many products. Zeke is an advocate of SaaS, REST and has been leading teams in that direction for over 10 years.

Over the course of his 20+ year career,  Zeke has leveraged:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2017 with T-SQL
  • Oracle 9g – 11g with PL/SQL
  • C, C++, and C# #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN
  • Visual Basic 3 – Visual Basic 6, and Visual Basic .Net
  • Microsoft Front Page, Visual InterDev, Visual Fox Pro, and other Microsoft tolls
  • Visual Studio.Net starting with beta 1 in 2000
  • JavaScript, ECMAScript, TypeScript, ActionScript, JSON
  • jQuery, AngularJS, Angular 2-6
  • Asp.Net: Web Forms, WebAPI, MVC
  • .Net: WinForms. Xamarin, Silverlight, Universal
  • Adobe: Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, Dreamweaver, InDesign

as well as many others in print, web, layout, and software development. Zeke is currently interested in and researching: NoSQL, Block Chain, and full stack development in a complete JavaScript echo system.

About Us Lisa

Lisa Willard

Quality and Testing

Mrs. Lisa Willard, Software QA/Tester, has over 30 years of software testing with certifications in CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and ISO 9001. Mrs. Willard started work career in software configuration management. Then, she was a technical writer for the Department of Defense Contract Deliverables (CDRLs) where she had a Level 3 clearance; of audit training materials for NASA, final reports for IV & V (independent verification and validation) and ISO 9001 documentation. After her time with the government, Mrs. Willard moved into software quality assurance, where she has performed automatic and manual testing, documentation for test reports, test training materials (hardcopy and on-line) and Agile/SCRUM testing.


Bronwyn Holliday

Scientific Business Analyst

Bronwyn Holliday brings a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences and 8+ years of Biotech R&D industry experience to iAdvantage. Ms. Holliday utilizes the experience in Biotech to provide scientific support to the development of software for Research and Development. She contributes to every step from user requirements through client support for iAdvantage’s GLP compliant software. As a Scientific Business Analyst, Ms. Holliday leverages scientific domain knowledge, interpersonal communications, and team collaboration to deliver a variety of high-quality solutions to our clients at iAdvantage Software.

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