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How eStudy Works


eStudy Design

eStudy was designed by regulatory scientists with years of practical industry experience as a flexible platform to manage regulatory studies. Study Directors define and control all aspects of study design. With eStudy Manager users quickly design studies, defining test articles, treatments, test systems, samples, observations and test sites. The eStudy fundamental architecture supports a wide range of life science, biotechnology and chemical studies, such as efficacy, safety, toxicology, and pathology.



The Capture of Data

eStudy offers the ability to collect data globally and in various languages. eNotebooks are easily created and published by Study Directors. Published notebooks are accessible online to the designated users. eNotebooks are compatible with a variety of mobile devices and multiple browsers. Study data generated by human and instrument observations are recorded securely and in real time from laboratory, greenhouse and other sites.  Data collection is fully compliant with EPA, OECD and FDA requirements.



Organize and Compile Data

Data collected from multiple sources are easily exported, collated, compiled, evaluated and shared in real time. eStudy assists study directors and investigators with simple yet sophisticated query tools. 



With the ePublisher module or function, reports are generated at the project, study, or experiment level and presented in industry-standard publishing formats with minimal effort. Each report may contain text, tables and images that are simultaneously accessed from multiple data sources within and outside eStudy. Report templates are easily designed by users for in-progress or status reports to keep stakeholders informed and for final reports for submission to regulatory agencies.


eStudy Accommodates Many Scientific Applications and  Disciplines


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